The Editing Learning Curve

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Today turned out to be another revision day and as I was looking at this one, I’ve never been happy with the color adjustment.  It’s framed on my wall and I just can’t capture the gray shades the way I see it in life.  Today I took it out of its frame, found some great overcast natural light and fixed it.  It’s not 100% but it’s much more realistic for a pencil drawing.  I cling to my originals for just this reason – as soon as I update all of them, I find a new method and want to readjust them all.

Old retouched photo on the left; new retouched photo on the right.

2006MayaSketch 2006MayaSketchEdited

Then I liked it so much I fixed Drego too.

2010DregoNoSig 2010DregoNoSig

Red, Redux

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It’s a rainy day here and I just finished the last drawing I had in the works, so it’s a good time to play with some revisions.  Red’s finished colored pencil edition is in the gallery, but I’ve never been quite happy with his color or his eyes.  Jewel says he’s a pink horse, but still…here’s what I’m playing with today.


Digital Demo

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Here’s a composite of my adventures with a drawing tablet.

I started with a pencil sketch from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (Dreamworks).  Then I cleaned it up into a line drawing and now I’m adding color.  I like it, but it’s really different.  The learning curve is steep but it’s easier to make changes than by hand.  I love that “undo” button…

Some Assembly Required

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Hello!  I’ve been setting up this awesome new site with lots of help from Q.  Everything recent has been posted and now I just have to go find the older photography items.  This theme is great and so smart!  I’ve never blogged but I’ll use this as a work-in-progress page.  First up – some watercolor demos:

Going from charcoal & pencil (stay where you put them) to watercolor & oil pastel (mind of their own) is a big change, but they’re pretty fun to learn.  These were sent out as cards before I took well-lit photos of them, so I’m sticking with the small image for this round.


Hello World

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Hi everybody! Welcome to Sarah’s new Web site for her art portfolio. Many thanks to ThemeNectar for creating such a great WordPress theme. Can’t say enough good things about Salient.

Sarah is amazing and deserves a site that she can update readily unlike the previous iterations I made in CSS/HTML. I hope you all enjoy looking through the gallery as much as I did creating the layouts. Sarah should be updating the gallery as we go forward so come back often to see all of her amazing work!! If there are ever any comments about the layout, please let me know and I’ll look into integrating them.

– Q